chain wax treatment

Take your drivetrain efficiency to the next level!!!!!
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  • £20

    chain wax treatment

    Price is for treatment of supllied chain ~ we can offer pre-treated new chains at an additional cost
  • chain preparation

    chains are cleaned using a 3 step process to ensure they are spotlessly clean and free from dirt and grease
  • immersive hot wax applicaton

    Chains are then 'cooked' in the hot wax to ensure all surfaces are coated
  • wax treatment discount

    1 = £20, 2 = £35, 3 = £50, 4 = £60 (4 chain Treatment max per customer per booking)

stuff to know

Some important info about booking an appointment at theSHEDcc

how long does it last

Typically each treatment typically lasts up to 600km but this can be doubled with some very basic maintenance steps. Like all products though the worse the conditions the shorter the lifespan.

after care

The more extreme the riding the conditions the quicker the treatment will wear off. Its recommended to gently wipe down the chain every few rides and apply a drip wax solution to prolong each treatment

chain wear

Regular treatments and ongoing maintenance can see you get 5 to 10 x more life per chain, so for the majority of riders this could mean never having to buy another chain or cassette again!!!!!

Highly efficient chain lubricant

Containing a specific mix of Paraffin, MOS2, WS2, PTFE this wax treatment provides a longer lasting and highly efficient drivetrain with up to a 4watt saving over conventional lubes 

how it works

Chain Wax as well as being highly efficient they also work as a water repellant, meaning water just drops off and doesn’t remove the lubrication thus keeping your chain efficient and clean.
Traditional oils and lubricants suffer from dirt attaching itself to the oil and this working its way into the rollers and links.


  • Lubricant is dry to touch
  • Repels water and dirt
  • Doesn't attract contaminants like liquid lubricants
  • No more oil drips
  • No more having to clean the chain
  • The chain stays clean for the whole time


Details on how to pay the deposit will be emailed once you make an appointment and all bookings will be automatically cancelled if deposit isn't paid within the allowed timeframe.