Adam Wood

Muckle CC

Having recently replaced my bike I decided in order to get the most performance benefit I could I should invest in a professional bike fit. I have always suffered from a leg imbalance and was aware that I tired far more quickly on my left side meaning my right doing a far greater amount of work which also meant my form got sloppy which lead to increased fatigue when it mattered. After a settling in period I noticed an immediate improvement in not only comfort on the bike but also a more effective and even pedal stroke. This has been backed up by my power curve comparing pre and post fit power bests whereby I have either set a new power PB or came close to equalling my previous all-time best all within the three weeks since I received my fit. PreFit Balance - L 45% / 56% R. PostFit Balance - L 47% / 53% R PreFit Torque Effectiveness - L 66% / 76% R. PostFit Torque Effectiveness - L 71% / 78% R PreFit Pedal Smoothness - L 18% / 24% R. PostFit Pedal Smoothness - L 21% / 25% R   As it is still very early since my fit I still think the adaptions are still taking place so I am sure even further improvements will be had over the next few months.

Alan Pijohn

Excellent bike fit today, every setup clearly explained. I learnt a lot and bike feels great. Highly recommended!

Keith Fawcett

Blaydon Cycling Club

Following surgery on my knee and still with a lot of issues including aching, stiffness and swelling on rides, as well as some lumber pain on longer rides and with trip to the Alps planned. A physio suggested getting my riding position on the bike checked. Having previously had my bike fitted to me when I bought it. I thought it was just me after years of playing rugby. 

I was introduced to David via a friend and after discussing my issues and looking at my bike he suggested a few things. 

I changed my pedals and cleats from spdsl's to speed play, shortened my stem from 100mm to 90mm. 

I felt a difference immediately on some short rides. 

David then came to mine and set my bike up on his rollers and re-set my saddle position then started on my foot position fitting some wedges to my cleats, he then filmed me cycling checking the alignment between my foot and my knee. I ended up with a 20mm spacer on each pedal.  

A few weeks after I was cycling Alpe D'huez with no pain or other issue. 

I can't speak highly enough of the service I got. I still message him now when unsure about things, and he is always there with helpful friendly advice. 

The Guy is a wizard - my wife's not too happy though as now I'm now doing more miles 4000 since my op last February, and have just bought another bike which I have also got booked in for a bike fit.

Seb Stocksbridge

Blaydon Cycling Club

I visited Dave for a bike fit as a Christmas present from my girlfriend. I took both my road and TT bike and we spent some time going through my existing set up.

We first looked at road bike position, with the main focus being upon foot and cleat position. The detail given to this area was superb and explained in a great way by Dave as to what he was doing and why. Using his Ipad to video and look at the foot/knee alignment was great visual feedback to allow me to see what was happening. The cleat position was adapted using wedges and moving the cleat further back under the strongest part of the foot to enable great power transfer and comfort.

As well as foot/cleat position we tweaked saddle height and handle bar/hood angles to make it more comfortable for long rides and more ergonomic to my body position and set up.

With the TT bike we looked at a number of adjustments such as saddle height and fore/aft position, bar length and pad position. We spent a while trying different set ups for a good aerodynamic but comfortable position to allow for a efficient power output.

Throughout the whole experience Dave was superb explaining everything and being able to answer any questions I had. Having had the ShedFit my power output has increased and my feet and body feel more comfortable on the bike. I can definitely recommend Dave and his ShedFit and found the attention to detail and outcome on the foot/cleat fit exceptional.

Claire Harrison

Derwentside Cycling Club

Following an accident on my bike I have been struggling with imbalances in my position. Dave provided useful advice about the biomechanics of cycling as he studied my pedalling, knee alignment and foot position. The latter was corrected using foot wedges in order to achieve optimal foot to pedal contact. Dave uses video analysis to ensure that the wedges are enabling the knees to track correctly and so avoid injury. Very few people are biomechanically symmetrical and the use of the wedges meant that both feet were producing maximum power available.

The service as a whole was relaxed, informative and very professional. The fact that Dave comes out to your home environment is an excellent service making it convenient for everyone. Dave also offers follow up checks in order to correct any initial problems that may arise from a new position.

The end result has been a more comfortable ride and better performances. I have also learned a great deal about riding positions and possible changes to the set up of a bike and shoes that make body and foot position more appropriate to individual imbalances.

Lee Fothergill

Big thanks to Dave for the bike fit you recently did.  I went for the full fit over the standard fit and although more expensive I would definitely recommend this I was so impressed with the cleat wedges, It just seems to put your feet and also knees in a natural position. I was well impressed! 

Charlie Loiz

Muckle Cycling Club

I highly recommend the Shed Fit. I put off getting a bike fit for a few years until I started getting some knee pain. Dave came to my house and was meticulous when fitting both of my bikes. I have since completed a few big rides and so far my knee pain has completely gone. Beyond this though, my bike feels very comfortable, something that I have noticed a lot towards the end of long rides.

Simon Toward

I found  theSHED on the internet when I was searching for a professional fit. Dave's website was very clean and looked professional, it had all the information I needed and I didn't hesitate to get in touch. Dave was very quick to reply and I got booked in quick too, even on a Saturday which was great. Arriving at his house he made me feel welcome and we got straight on with the fit, the equipment he uses is great and with such things as peddle spacers and cleat wedges Dave found the perfect position on my bike for me. Since having my fit I have found power gains and more comfort on longer rides. When I change my equipment I will certainly be getting in touch with Dave again.

David Harrison

Blaydon Cycling Club

After a bad bike accident i returned to cycling in June however, I was still in a lot of discomfort and my performance had dropped a lot. I spoke to Dave(Shed) about a bike fit and the wedges to improve both by comfort and performance. Dave spent a good 2 and a bit hours at my house doing the bike fit (over a hour just on my feet) no detail was over looked and I got a good work out too !!!

I have found both the wedges and bike fit excellent, I have no discomfort at all on the bike and I have seen my performance improve.

Dave is always on hand to offer help and advice, even many months after my bike fit.

A great service- Thanks Dave for helping me return to cycling

Carrie Brookes

North Tyneside Riders

I contacted Dave after getting back and knee pain along with numb hands whilst riding. He came to my house and spent a good few hours doing a really thorough bike fit with me, going beyond my expectations of what a fit might involve. He picked up a number of issues that needed rectifying such as significantly increasing my seat height, shortening my stem length and fitting my cleats with wedges to improve foot/pedal connection and my pedal stroke more efficient. After my first test run I noticed a significant difference in comfort and increase in my average speed. I tackled my first century ride a few weeks later and managed to do it in comfort. I've recommended Dave to many others since. To me a bike fit is worth every penny, which I'm sure I would have spent far more at the physios if I had left it much later.

Andy Powell

Had a BikeFit from Dave. Been out a couple of times since and no more neck ache or lower back ache. im also getting much better times on STRAVA!.

Nick Spencer

Bluemilk Race Team

............I had no idea what a Shoe and Cleat Fit would involve. I’ve played around with cleat position. I’ve found shoes that seem to fit my feet okay. Sure, I’ve had numb toes, strain under the arch. No big deal. Just part of cycling. Right. I’ve never really given my feet much thought. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I should have given more thought to my feet. Maybe feet and the connection to the bike do matter.........   ............Am I faster? Am I more powerful? Am I more comfortable? Am I more efficient? Well am I? YES! Money well spent: simple.   read full review at: http://wp.me/p7mz4H-8r

Philip Johns

Just had two bikes serviced by Dave at "The Shed" and have to say what a first class "Service" he provided , Dave picked the bikes up from my home address and returned them in mint condition and they were a pleasure to ride , "The Shed" is the go to place for an excellent service Thanks Dave

Neal Thompson

Newburn Activity Centre

Dave is our regular bike mechanic at Newburn Activity Centre, he always does a great job and is very good at what he does. Very competitive prices too. Highly recommended.

Richard Wood

Top class service and things turned round really quickly too. He's also canny crack for a Black Country lad!

Kev Hopper

Flying Colours Driving School

Oh my where do I begin! Had quite a few issues with my winter bike, so dropped it in to see Dave, got a text on the next day to say it was ready. Picked it up, looked like new, properly shining. Took it out today and it felt like I was riding a new bike. Cannot say thank you enough!

Rob Hinds

Blaydon Cycling Club

Just realised I had never left a review! I've had all of my current bikes, serviced, fixed or otherwise worked on by Dave from theShed. Every time my bike has come back good as new, sparkling clean, and a pleasure to ride. I've gained much advice on basic cleaning, tweaking and keeping my bike roadworthy too post-service. theShed is my first port of call when I need work done!

Steph Morris

Blaydon Cycling Club

Brilliant. Fantastic service. Excellent value. Dave sorted my bike out on my doorstep so totally hassle free! Will 100% use again!

Paul Wright

Blaydon Cycling Club

Quick and friendly service and bike always comes back looking brand new! Top bloke and top service

Richie Laveurt

Blaydon Cycling Club

Absolutely superb! David can't do enough for you, even on a Saturday.

Tom Hooper

GS Metro

Saved me many a time when things have gone wrong. Bike always comes back feeling like brand new.

Philip Hunton

Philip Hunton Photography

Halfords had placed a triple mech on my road bike which sat very close to the tyre, although not an immediate problem I felt uncomfortable knowing that the part was not correct for the bike. Dave came out took a look and replaced the mech quickly and efficiently at a really good price, his knowledge and expertise is excellent. I would recommend Dave to anyone who needs any level of repair or maintenance to their bike. Since this first meeting I have used Dave numerous times and he truly is a pro, his skills have saved me hours of frustration. His prices are also so good you will never need to do the maintenance yourself!

Gary Philipson

BBC Newcastle

As an enthusiastic but technically naive rider I needed my bike fully serviced, I was quoted £145 from my local bike shop so I phoned Dave, for nearly half the price I got a full service/cleaned and the bike picked up and dropped off within 2 days! Great none patronising advice and help. So in summery if you are a keen rider who needs the resource of a skilled and knowledgeable bike Tech then Dave is your man. Totally Recommended.

Ramsey Floyd

I recommend very highly. Dave gave quick and efficient service and made my son very happy at Christmas by repairing brakes on a new bike. I would use his services again if needed.

Davey Miler

Muckle Cycling Club

I first used Dave for a crank arm issue. He came out in record time, took the bike away and I received a call 30 minutes later explaining everything (I needed a new Bottom Bracket. ) He then sourced the part, fitted and had the bike back to me the same day. Simply fantastic service. I have since had a deluxe service on my road bike, which runs perfectly and looks brand new. The best part is, your bike is collected at a time and place that suites you, then returned the next day. In short, the Shed is fantastic, Dave, is a top bloke and I will be recommending him to everyone.

David Lavery

I have a mountain bike and a hybrid that were both off the road due to various mechanical failures. I'd had so much trouble with the hybrid that I was tempted to give up on it. I found Dave on Twitter and he came out and explained how he would fix them up. Both bikes are now working better than they did when they were brand new - very impressive.

Mathew Planchard

I am very happy with the excellent service I have received from Dave. As a complete novice he explained mechanical issues in a clear and non patronising manner. His flexibility with regards to collecting and dropping off the bike is very useful to me. I’d also have no hesitation in recommending him to friends.

Scott Adams

Fixed my wheel while I waited, I shall deffo use Dave for servicing etc. Highly recommended.

David Lawson

Brilliant service thanks for your help & advise

Peter McCarrick

Outstanding service on my badly maintained bike! Now rides like the day I bought it!

David Johnson

Picked the bike up on Thursday, dropped it back off on the Friday. New chain, cassette fitted, full service, bike came back as clean as the first day i bought it. Excellent, will definitely recommend and use the service again.

Nadia Greuner

Simple. Brilliant. Chose to drop and pick up my own bike for the £10 discount, service was fast friendly, reliable, and exactly what it said on the tin. I also had a slow puncture and needed new pedals, which Dave ordered in and fitted at no extra labour charge. Nice one.

Carl Mattinson

Great service. Would definitely recommend.

Phil Rose

After having Dave do a basic service on 2 bikes last year I had no hesitation choosing him when I realised my bike was feeling a little tired and needed a few new bits. Deluxe service with new cassette & chain and the bike is back looking better than new and gliding along the road. It feels great to ride again.

Dave Horsfal

I recently found the Shed online and put my bike in for a full service. The bike came spotless, and rides better than I can remember. Affordable & friendly. The pick up and drop off service was also very much appreciated. Highly recommended.

Chris Douglas

Excellent service. Bike come back as good as new

Allen Mulliss

A VERY satisfied customer! Bike fixed at my home, Dave arrived on time and resolved the problem quickly & easily. Really nice man and I'm very happy to have my bike up & running again. Highly recommended.

David Cross

Newcastle City Council

My bike needed a service and it also had a big problem with the rear mech. Dave collected the bike from my workplace, sorted out all all of the problems and then delivered the bike back to my home. There were significant issues with a snapped rear axle which Dave sorted out and most importantly kept me informed about the cost (which he kept to a minimum). Overall the service and repairs were very well done and the pick-up/delivery was very convenient. My commuting bike now feels like new and i will definitely be using Dave's services again. CONVENIENT, EFFECTIVE & COMPETITIVELY PRICED

Andy Longstaff

Great service, turned around 'Door too Door' in 2 days, can't fault it, will definitely be using again.